Research Institute of Human Movement: About Us

“It is RIHM’s intent to provide a platform for local movement-health clinicians to apply the research back into clinical settings and support the provision of care to the working poor in our communities who typically do not have the means to access this care,” he said. “Our third objective is to be a source for everyone to attain quality and practical information on how they can take care of themselves and/or access the right providers for care when it is necessary.” - Dr. Maury Hayashida, Executive Director of the Research Institute of Human Movement. Read more about RIHM in this news article

Dr. Maury Hayashida is a dual board certified physical therapist in orthopedics and sports therapy who has been practicing in Santa Barbara since 2000. He founded Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy in 2002 where he treated patients with movement related pain and dysfunction until 2011. In 2012, Dr. Hayashida co-founded a new clinic model for physical therapy called ArthroKinetic Institute (AKI) Movement Laboratory, where state of the art technology is used to analyze human movement in order to research, treat and reduce risk for injury.

Maury’s passion for understanding and treating human movement has lead his career internationally where he has consulted and worked for professional teams and Olympic athletes. He is sought after as a lecturer and consultant regarding injury management and prevention. Maury has been teaching at Westmont College in Santa Barbara as an adjunct professor since 2007 where he has taught Research, Biomechanics, and now currently Motor Behavior.

Maury had the initial vision of starting a charitable organization over 10 years ago due to the progressive trend in healthcare toward declining access to quality physical therapy and the marginalization of those who couldn’t afford access to physical therapy at all. Maury was inspired to create an alternative model for implementing movement health and educating the public about its effect on quality life and performance. That vision lead to the formation of the Research Institute of Human Movement (RIHM).

Maury Hayashida

Founder, Executive Director


Luke believes in equitable access to high-quality healthcare and the paramount preservation of human dignity. Currently, physical rehabilitation resources are scarce for underserved populations both domestically and abroad. To address that need locally, Luke founded Santa Barbara Community Physical Rehabilitation. Luke is pursuing a career in global humanitarian physical therapy and public health. He is especially interested in serving populations in distress who have been impacted by systematic oppression, a natural disaster, or violent conflict.

As the Program Coordinator for the Research Institute of Human Movement, Luke manages our community service programs and coordinates all research projects. He is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and a gradute student at California State University Northridge. 

Luke Barrett

Program Coordinator