RIHM seeks to improve physical and social well-being through human movement research.


We produce high quality human movement research in order to influence our community in real, applicable ways. Through this process, we further the kinesiological (human movement) field, by publishing our research in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. We also make our findings accessible to the public in terms that everyone can understand about how to apply the research to their every-day lives.

RIHM provides a platform for movement professionals and clinicians to collaborate with local researchers, students, college professors, and post-doctoral residents/fellows to conduct and publish original quality research. 


RIHM strives to inspire others to move well, reduce pain, and increase performance by producing original research and presenting the stories of people who have had their lives deeply affected by movement quality. We educate students, professionals, and the community through the research process. 


Financial donations and volunteers support our primary community service program, Santa Barbara Community Physical Rehabilitation, which provides free evidence-based physical therapy and rehabilitation services for people who don’t have access to traditional clinics.