Research Institute of Human Movement: Research

Current Research Projects In Progress Description
Santa Barbara Community Physical Rehabilitation Creation of an article to describe the unique clinic model, and it's impact on the health of our community


Future Research Projects Description
Senior fall prevention Development of an exercise based, home centered, fall prevention program for senior citizens
Fundamental movements: establishment of a youth baseline Measure fundamental movements in kids ages 7-9 and design corrective interventions
SMART assessment Determine the validity of the SMART assessment as a predictor of injury in college athletes
Volleyball jump and landing mechanics Examine the landing movements of college athletes and compare to current literature 


Completed Research Projects Description
Santa Barbara Community Physical Rehabilitation

Poster presentation for the 11th annual International Street Medicine Symposium: Physical Rehabilitation Service Model for Underserved Populations: Collaboration with Homeless Shelters, Street Medicine, and Primary Healthcare Providers

View the poster here:

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